Delivery Dates: TBD
Farm Stand Pick Up Times: Sat & Sun Oct 3rd-4th
Sat & Sun Oct 10th-11th
Sat & Sun Oct 17th-18th
Sat & Sun Oct 24th-25th
Each day: 11AM-4PM Weather Permitting
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In the Beginning

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Werner Farms is relatively new, but the history of this farm dates back to the 1800s when it was farmed and served as a stagecoach stop for travelers. The original log house still stands and is the heart of the main house which has had numerous additions put on.


Cheese Factory

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Along with farming and raising up to 200 pigs, there was once a cheese factory here on the property as well. The building still stands and serves as our warehouse now.


The Werners move in

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My parent's bought the property in 1992. By then it wasn't an operating farm any longer, but still had someone growing corn on the fields, which later stopped after they lost access to other acreage in the area. Remnants of the old farm were still present with apple, pear, and cherry trees around the property, raspberry bushes run amok, grape vines gone wild, and black walnut trees taking over.


Plough to earth...

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My office job keeps me on a computer all day, and by 2012 I knew I needed to get outside more. Around the same time my father bought a horse and we built a small barn. Soon after I bought a horse of my own and started exploring the property again, and remaking all the trails we had established as kids with our 4-wheelers. Around the same time I started liking the idea of growing and raising my own food... and Werner Farms was born.

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Maple Syrup

While exploring the property we discovered a bunch of maple trees so we decided to experiment making syrup... well, it was delicious! We make our syrup the old fashion way: no high pressure filters, no reverse osmosis... just plain old boiling.



We have bee hives on the farm as well. They help pollinate all the fruit trees, and make us delicious honey!

We're currently working on a commercial kitchen. Once complete we'll be able to offer honey extraction as a service to local beekeepers.

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We LOVE the Fall! Fall is the busiest time of year around here on the farm. The Indian corn is ready to pick, corn stalks are being put into bundles, haybales are getting stacked, and pumpkins and gourds are getting picked.

Each year we set up a farm stand right in our field on Route 512 next to Doughboy Pizza. Don't like getting your car dirty? We also offer free delivery to the surrounding area.

What are we growing?

  • Pumpkins
  • Gourds
  • Indian Corn
  • Corn Stalk Bundles
  • Haybales
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